Monday, August 29, 2011

Patchwork Quilt for So Yun.

The camera hides the flaws.

So my cousin's toddler, Shiho, is expecting a little sister next month. Since I've already taken a crack at making a blanket for him, I saw this as a great opportunity to try making a patchwork quilt for the baby on the way.

I started with a specific fabric I liked:

And then I chose other fabric based on the colors in the first fabric:

I scanned the patterns into my computer and made a layout to see how it would look together:

Looked pretty good so I continued to cut and sew away.

Betsy's mad I'm sewing instead of playing fetch with her.

When the patchwork part was done, I sandwiched a layer of batting in between and hand quilted with some bright pink embroidery thread.

Finally, I sewed the binding around the edge with a cotton lace trim. I didn't have the right sewing foot so it was difficult to feed all the layers of fabric and batting together into the sewing machine evenly. There was a lot of swearing involved.

A lot of swearing...

It is 80% perfect. You wouldn't be able to see the mistakes unless you picked up the blanket and really looked at it :| I just hope my future niece doesn't grow up swearing too much because of the negative juju I put into it.

Still, it is made with love.

Here is baby So Yun with her patchwork quilt:

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