Wednesday, August 03, 2011

sonia's wedding cake topper.

When my cousin Sonia got married in Hawaii last month, she had asked me to make a cake topper for her wedding cake! I was more than happy and excited to design one for her. To get an idea of what kind of cake topper she wanted, I directed her to a Pinterest search. I asked her to pick out any image that piqued her interest.

This is what she chose:

I dig Domokun but not on a wedding cake. This shouldn't look like a child's birthday cake after all! I focused on the little wooden clothespin dolls and drew up a design for Sonia to see:

After she OK-ed the design, I got crackin:

All the materials were bought from Michael's. I wrapped fabric covered wire (found in the floral section) with peach colored embroidery thread. I used white satin ribbon and hot glued a dress together. The top part of the dress was hot glued on using lace ribbon with beading already sewn in on it. Bride was a piece of cake.

After I painted the faces with acrylic paint and a fine brush, it was time to work on the groom. Now this was a pain in the ass to do. I bought a square of black fabric and hot glued the pants. That was easy enough. Unfortunately, hot glue wasn't gonna solve the problem of construction the suit jacket. I literally had to stitch a little blazer together with sleeves and a teeny hem.

I had bought some fancy lime green paper and silver glittery stickers to make the festive bunting. It's all glued together with a little bit of Elmer's glue.

I folded some origami paper cranes out of white iridescent paper and stuck them on bamboo skewers. Holes had to be drilled on the sides of the wooden base after I painted it a pearly lime green. I brought the cake topper with me to Hawaii and was surprised to find out I would be the one decorating the cake!

Here's how the end result looked:

Congratulations Sonia & Kevin!

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  1. Best cake topper ever!! (Even better than Domokun bridezilla!) Thank you, Gina unni!