Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kitty Quilt for Imri

I was perusing through Instagram and found a British illustrator I follow had a very cute kitty fabric print available on Spoonflower.
My best friend was expecting a little girl very soon. I normally reserve quilt sewing projects for family since they take so much time and effort. But seeing as I consider my best friend as family, I thought her baby could use a nice baby blanket. This print was very adorable.
I was in the middle of sewing when I heard news baby decided to arrive two weeks early! So I switched myself into high gear to get the quilt done and ship over the weekend.
I got to use my new woven labels! It's sort of like a little signature for my projects. Now people will know who made the blanket. I hope the kitties will keep Imri warm and cozy.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Ocean Animal Soft Blocks for Sena

After my friend, Phil, bought the farm animal blocks for Sena, he made a special request for a sea turtle. His wife's favorite animal is a sea turtle. HRM... I made a small ocean themed set. Here we have a crab, octopus, and a sea turtle. My favorite out of this bunch is the octopus. The sea turtle is a bit of a stretch. Some animals aren't easily able to be translated as a cube shape. I got custom ribbon made with my name on them for a little branding. These plush blocks look all offishul now.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Farm Animal Soft Blocks for Sena

While working as a toy designer, I learned the most popular animal theme is farm. Who doesn't like farm animals! Here we have a duck, pig, chicken, cow, horse, and sheep. I might make a super farm set and include cat, dog, and goat. This particular set is for my friend, Phil's daughter, Sena. She is at the stage where she is sitting up on her own so these blocks are the perfect toy for her.