Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kitty Quilt for Imri

I was perusing through Instagram and found a British illustrator I follow had a very cute kitty fabric print available on Spoonflower.
My best friend was expecting a little girl very soon. I normally reserve quilt sewing projects for family since they take so much time and effort. But seeing as I consider my best friend as family, I thought her baby could use a nice baby blanket. This print was very adorable.
I was in the middle of sewing when I heard news baby decided to arrive two weeks early! So I switched myself into high gear to get the quilt done and ship over the weekend.
I got to use my new woven labels! It's sort of like a little signature for my projects. Now people will know who made the blanket. I hope the kitties will keep Imri warm and cozy.