Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drawstring bags for small clothes.

My current hobby obsession: drawstring bags!

I love them! There are so many uses for them. I've used a couple plain cotto
n produce drawstring bags to pack my small clothes while traveling, one for wearing and one for washing. I've tried looking for prettier ones on Etsy but most of them look Holly Homemaker-y. So I decided to sew some myself. At first, I tried to study the plain cotton bags I bought to figure out how to construct them. However, I found Youtube tutorials to be even more helpful.

These are a kinda sloppy at the top because I had some trouble making the channel for the drawstring to go through. I used different type of trim to differentiate the bags for underwear that can be worn and underwear that needs to be washed. It's a subtle difference that didn't require me to literally label them as "DIRTY" or "CLEAN".

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