Tuesday, February 01, 2011

shiho's quilted blanket.

I received a 1937 Featherweight vintage Singer sewing machine for my birthday from Rain :D

The first sewing machine project I started was a quilted baby blanket for my cousin's baby, Shiho. It was his first birthday so it was a great excuse to make a gift.

I got the instructions from Martha Stewart. Her instructions aren't very good, especially if you're a first time quilter like me. There are directions like, "miter the corners". I had no idea how to miter the corners of a quilt but was able to find plenty of Youtube tutorials.

I bought the fabric from Purl SoHo. I could spend hours at that store because they had plenty of cute printed fabrics to choose from.

I embroidered a name tag for a personal touch. Not too shabby for first time quilt! Hope my cousin likes it.

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