Monday, February 01, 2010

Postcard from Bethel, NY.

8 humans + 4 dogs + food + some mo' food = 1 delicious we
This is the only kind of math I know.

I thought "away from it all" meant no cell phone reception, cable, internet connection, etc... This didn't seem to be the case as three laptops were popped open sucking whatever wifi connection available as their owners sat in front of glowing screens. My mom even managed to get a hold of me several times as I saw missed calls on crappy cell phone reception. I guess a two hour drive north isn't far enough to be isolated.

My Fuji Instax camera came in the mail a couple weeks ago. Was glad to take it out for a spin this past weekend at Stone Hearth Manor in Bethel, NY. I organized all the photos in a card holder
I'm using as an album I picked up at Muji. It's the perfect size for Instax pictures! There are two main visual themes from the trip: food and dogs.

Here are some of my favorites:

It's nice to have an album to physically hold and flip through at the end. Am thinking of taking more real photos this year as opposed to digital. Am also planning on scanning old snapshots I've taken during my pre-digital camera days.

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