Friday, January 22, 2010

sweater for Betsy.

[She hates me...]

I heard Betsy's been shedding as her winter coat has been growing in. With all the fluff missing, she's been shivering during her walks outside. I'm opposed to clothing on dogs unless it's for functional purposes. But if Betsy is going to be wearing a sweater, she may as well look good wearing one.

I knitted thick chunky light gray acrylic yarn. Using thick yarn made the project super fast. The sweater was knitted in separate pieces and sewn together. I used the pattern for this cable knit scarf which I modified to make the back panel. Buttons are large wooden spools as the craft store strangely didn't have large wooden buttons.

It was a bit of a snug fit and needed some more work on the collar but it didn't matter. Betsy hated it :|

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