Friday, November 20, 2015

Jungle Animal Soft Blocks for Ruby

I miss being a toy designer. Since I'm not currently a professional, I may as well make toys for fun. Here's a set of jungle animal blocks I made for my friend, Mariclair's baby, Ruby. I am told she loves to knock things over as she is sitting up. Joann's Fabrics had a few textured and printed pattern felt so I experimented. After some attempts of using regular poly-fil for stuffing a square shape, I found foam to be the ideal material for the cubes to hold their shape. There's also a rattle inside. In a perfect world, I'd stuff the penguin's wings and elephant's ears with some crinkle material since babies like that feature.

I realize penguins may not be considered a jungle animal but my friend made a special request. They're at least included in "Madagascar", right? Ruby will be getting these over Thanksgiving when a mutual friend makes the delivery. Hope she likes them!

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