Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Starbucks drink & barista costume for Amelie & Faith

This year, Amelie and her cousin, Faith, had a rather interesting idea for their Halloween costumes.
Amelie wanted to be a Starbucks drink.
Faith wanted to be a barista.
I was able to make a cup with white felt. 
To add some structure for the rim, I used 1/4" PVC tubing I bought from Home Depot.
Believe me, I wasn't the only one looking for costume ingredients that day.
I saw a lotta dads with their kids on the search for bits and pieces to make costumes.
I used iron on transfer paper to make the logos.
I even misspelled Amelie's name as many baristas tend to do!
For the hat, I used three yards of white tulle sewed onto a felt helmet type hat.
The straw is made with a cardboard tube from wrapping paper covered with green construction paper.
It is secured in place with a lot of hot glue.
Faith's barista costume was easy peasy!
I bought a green visor and apron on for under $10.
Again, I used iron on transfer paper to make the logos.
They look ready for their school's Halloween party, right?

I'll be spending this Halloween giving out candy to the kids in my building. 
I've never done it before! 
So I prepared and bought a big big bag of candy and proceeded to sort the poisonous from the nonpoisonous.
("Poisonous" = for Gina to consume) 

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N !

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