Saturday, April 24, 2010

postcard from nasca.

Okay. So I kept hearing we were going to Nasca. Assuming everyone was speaking with a Korean accent, I thought we were going to Nascar. Nascar? Why the hell were we going to visit racing cars in Peru? Was very confusing. But no, we weren't going to be in racing cars. We were going to be in a tiny propeller plane to see the lines of NascA... with an A. NASCA. Next time, I won't be traveling with a Korean tour again.

This is where I almost left my iPhone on the plane. Bus had to turn around, drive 10 minutes back where our guide shouted at propeller plane. It was loaded with passengers and ready to take off. *whew* Otherwise, some Peruvian would've scored a touch screen phone loaded with indie rock and the New York Times crossword puzzle app.

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