Sunday, October 04, 2009

apple pie.

Experimented in the kitchen with apples from apple picking at Soon's Orchard. I learned the key to a good apple pie is to use different kinds of apples. I think I'm using about 4 different kinds here. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember the kinds of apples we picked.

Saved three apples for the filling and cut/cored the rest. Laid them out on a cookie sheet with some cinnamon. Roasted for 20 minutes.
Important note: When roasting, make sure apple juice doesn't drip, caramelize and burn onto the bottom of your oven. I learned the hard way this will make your oven very smokey and your kitchen unpleasant. Ended up spending an hour scrubbing my oven clean :(

Pureed them with their skins in the blender. Best roasted applesauce ever! Sweet with no added sugar! Got super excited after sampling and immediately made filling with remaining three chopped up apples.


Me + this pie + fork = happiness.

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